'Band From TV' Comes to Canada This Weekend

Published: February 16th 2011
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Greg Grunberg on drums
Bob Guiney on vocals

Band From TV is comprised of many familiar TV actors and personalities, who have come together to play classic rock songs for charity. This weekend, the group will be playing at Fallsview in Niagara Falls three nights in a row.


The Band From TV lineup has included many popular members throughout the past few years; Gren Grunberg (Felicity, Alias, Heroes), James Denton (Desperate Housewives) Bob Guiney (The Bachelor, Date My House), Hugh Laurie (House) Jesse Spencer (House), and the list goes on and on.


What started out as a love for music shared amongst fellow actors had led Greg Grunberg and his friends to playing to sold out audiences with all funds being donated to charitable causes.


Each celebrity represents a charity. Greg Grunberg performs for the Epilepsy Foundation and Bob Guiney plays for The Arts of Elsium and Childrens Hospital in L.A.


I got the opportunity to speak with these two guys before they came to Canada to discuss how the band was formed, their goals, and love of music.




AB (Ashley Baylen): How was Band From TV formed?


GG (Greg Grunberg):   I formed it around a simple idea, that my fellow celebrities who play music would rally around the idea of putting a band together, playing corporate and public gigs every so often to raise awareness and money for the charities and the causes we care about most.  In my professional travels I met each of these wonderful people and asked them to come make beautiful music with me.  And the band was born.  5 years and millions of charity dollars later here we (http://BandFromTV.org) are: with a DVD/CD called 'Hogging All The Covers' on sale on iTunes, at Best Buy, etc. raising money and spirits all over the world.


AB: Bob, how did you come to join Band From TV?


BG (Bob Guiney): I was actually performing with my band (Bob Guiney Band/Fat Amy) at a charity event in Dallas.  Greg was there as a Celebrity guest and we met. Hit it off really quickly and became friends. Then after he saw us play he asked if I would sing in a band with him for charity -- I said "YES"... And two weeks later I was in a room w Greg, Jamie Denton and Hugh Laurie. The band was born right there.  


AB: Are you guys friends outside jamming and playing shows?


GG: Absolutely, it takes a very special person to commit to a not-for-profit band and give up all of your free time to help these charities and that is exactly the kind of person I want to surround myself and my family with.  These guys and girls have the biggest hearts in town.  Great peeps.


AB: How do you decide which charity the funds raised will support for each show?


GG: We get together every quarter for a dinner and split it all up.  It's a blast and it all works out.  Whether we raise a dollar or a million dollars we are having a blast.


AB: Do you have a preference between acting and playing music?


GG:   I used to say acting all the way, but we have been fortunate enough to do some things and play for some crowds that have made me reconsider that.  I'm certainly a better actor than I am a drummer, so my comfort zone still lies on TV playing a character.


BG: I love doing both! I grew up singing and performing, and its a pretty comfortable place for me -- but I love doing what I get to do on TV as well. So - I love them both for different reasons! 


AB:   Do you plan to write original music or will you stick to the classics?


GG: There are plenty of covers out there to hog that I don't know if we ever need to play our own material.  That would mean we might be taking this thing seriously... I don't want that to EVER happen.


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