Lohan Prays for Egypt to Keep Treaty with Israel

Published: February 16th 2011
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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is better known for her far too requent troubles with the law which include theft, drugs, and several arrests.  Now she's lending her voice to some reason.  


In between court hearnings, Lohan had a moment to reflect on the recent uprising in Egypt and like all good celebrities, decided to tweet her opinon to the public.


"Congratulations to the people of Egypt," Lohan wrote on her twitter feed on Saturday. "Your voices were heard and you proved that peaceful demonstrations are possible and effective."


And to continue her suprisingly coherent comments, she went on to express her hopes for Israel and the future of the Middle East: "I pray Egypt maintains it's treaty with Israel and sets the trend for its neighbors to create peace with Israel and the entire region."


Lohan, who was raised Catholic, was once rumored to be coverting to Judaism in plans to marry her then lover Samantha Ronson.   

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