iPhone 5 Rumors Run Wild

Published: February 15th 2011
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What features will the next iPhone have?

iPhone 5 rumors were running wild today.  With the iPad 2 rumors out of the way, the DigiTimes, a Taiwanese tech publication, has revealed that Apple is outsourcing the production of its A5 processor chip, which many expect will be used in the iPhone 5, to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.


Rumors have already attached the A4 chip, currently manufactured by Samsung Electronics, the iPad 2.  It is reported that Apple has moved its manufacturing of the new chip to TSM due to Samsung's inabiilty to keep up with current demand.


Other iPhone 5 rumors include a larger screen, possibly over 4 inches, a slide-out keyboard (please let this be true), and a better camera. 


If true, these rumors show Apple's concern with the Android phone and their use of a larger screen, slideout keyboards and higher resolution cameras.  While historicaly phones with slideout keyboards have been bulkier, and Apple's mission with every new release is to make the phone slightly thinner, design technology has allowed the newer phones to add a physical keyboard without gaining much bulk.


There is also the chance that Apple would release two models of phones, one with the slideout keyboard and one without.  This would be very abnormal of Apple, but if they truly want to gain a market share in the enterprise sector they will need a physical keyboard.


The other two rumors are much more likely.  A higher resolution camera is almost a guarantee, especially seeing as how Apple's competitors have already included 8-megapixel cameras in their phones.  The larger screen size would mean that the iPhone is slightly less portable, but as an entertainment device, especially for watching movies and playing games, a larger screen would be welcomed by most.  It would also quiet any rumors of Apple releasing a 7-inch version of the iPad as the phone itself would nearly be the same size.  


We'll have to wait and see until April when its been rumored that Apple will unvail the iPad 2 and possibly the iPhone 5. 

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