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Published: February 15th 2011
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Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul’s reality show Live to Dance, has apparently been cancelled after one season. Although CBS has yet to make an official announcement, a source close to the 48 year-old star reported that the she is “devastated” by the news.


“Paula kept hoping week after week that her show would pick up new viewers. But each week the ratings trailed off. It ended with only a little more than 4 million viewers watching the final… way too few for CBS to keep Paula’s dream dance show alive. Paula loved that show and she hoped CBS would give it at least one more season to win viewers- but they were just not willing to take that risk,” the source told


The quondam American Idol judge was apparently informed on Friday of the CBS decision via telephone.


Live to Dance premiered on January 4, 2011 with roughly 10 million viewers, and was last month’s most watched program. However, once February hunkered in, ratings steadily declined.


Based on the British series, Got to Dance, Abdul’s version featured dancers of all ages performing any form of dance as they vie for a US $500,000 prize. Abdul served as lead judge, in addition to former Pussycat Dolls member Kimberly Wyatt, and Michael Jackson's long-time choreographer Travis Payne. Andrew Günsberg served as host.

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