'Palestinians go to Palestine'

Published: February 15th 2011
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Muammar Al-Gaddafi
Gaddafi with world leaders showing his own personal style

Muammar Al-Gaddafi


Muammar Al-Gaddafi, the long time leader of Libya, is another Arab tyrant who should be concerned for his future with all the recent uprisings, and tyrants dethroned, across the Arab world. He was only 27 years when he came to power in Libya while King Idris was visiting Turkey and has ruled the country for nearly 42 years, since 1969.


Gaddafi is known as the "Big Mouth" of the Arab world. Quite possibly the most extravagant of all Arab leaders (which is saying something), Gaddafi has been a very controversial leader who makes it a point to give his opinion on subjects which don’t involve him.


During the 1980s, tensions between Libya and America reached a peak during the Reagan administration. Gaddafi’s uncompromising stance on the Palestinian independence, which included a suggestion that Israel and the Palestinians should unite into one state, and his support of Iran against Saddam’s Iraq, forced the west to try and overthrow Gaddafi.


His officials were responsible for the Lockerbie bombing, the explosion of the Pan AM flight 213 above Scotland in December, 1988 in which 243 persons and 16 crew members died. Gaddafi agreed to pay up to US $2.7 billion - $10 million each – to the families of the victims.


He adopted the tradition of the desert and spends most of his time in a traditional Bedouin tent. When he visited Paris in 2007, he pitched his tent in a garden of the Elysee Palace, which is the presidential residence. In 2008 he visited Rome and pitched it in Villa Doria Pamphili park, where he tried to persuade some Italian models to convert their religion from Roman-Catholic to Islam. Three of them were convinced by his charm.


Riots in North Africa


The colorful and unstable Libyan tyrant sees how his neighbors from the west (Tunisia, Algeria) and the east (Egypt) are falling like a house of cards, and has began to worry about his own throne.  However, instead of dealing with his own internal problems, he decided to distract his people with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Pathetic.


Gaddafi's suggestion


The Libyan tyrant is calling for the Palestinians in the territories held by Israel and in the neighboring Arab countries to march to the Israeli border and wait until a solution is found for them. He has also offered the Palestinians to sail ships to the coast of Israel to further help create an international crisis.


Gaddafi figures that if it is so easy to overthrow leaders like Ben-Ali and Mubarak with a couple of weeks of organized rioting then it should be just as easy to recreate the same chaos and results in Israel.


This is not the first time an Arab leader has offered these ideas. Palestinian ships have tried to reach Haifa and Jaffa in the past but were prevented from reaching the Israeli coast by the Israeli Navy.


The Palestinian refugees issue


The refugee problem and the claim of return is the most difficult issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During the independence war in 1947-1949, nearly 630,000 Palestinians fled from their homes to the neighboring Arab states. The refugees and their descendents number over five million people today.


Most of them live in Jordan as equal citizens; others are still refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza strip, Sinai and the West-Bank.


During past negotiations, Israel offered many solutions to the problem yet so far without result. Israel claims that it is not responsible for the refugee problem as the independence war was imposed on her in first place.


Israel also claims that the Arab attitude towards the refugee issue is cynical. In the 1950s and 1960s many Jews had to leave their homes and properties in Arab states, including Libya, and escape to Israel. There is little mention of retribution for the Jews who lost everything in these Arab countries.


These Jews were also refugees but instead of putting them in refugee camps they were rehabilitated and brought to normal life, a thing that the Arabs are reluctant to do. Israel offers that any compensation paid to the Palestinian refugees should be balanced with the compensation the Arabs should pay to their former Jewish citizens.

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