Facebook Stalker Releases Public Apology

Published: February 14th 2011
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Pradeep Manukonda

A man has allegedly stalked Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, on his own social networking site.


Zuckerberg was granted the restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda, claiming he posed a threat to his life after showing up at Facebook offices and Zuckerberg’s home.


Manukonda also sent a letter to Zuckerberg explaining that his mother was very ill, and asked for financial support to save his mother’s life. The stalker doesn’t ask for a special amount of money, he only promises to “repay the entire amount incurred for her treatment.”


It turns out that Manukonda’s mother is not sick at all. He says that he used the “sick mom card” because he was informed that Zuckerberg was a “momma’s boy” and thought it was the only way to get a guaranteed response from his object of obsession.


Now that the restraining order has officially been enforced, Manukonda states that he will not continue to pursue his relationship with Zuckerberg, and doesn’t want to cause any more problems. He might even take it one step further and leave the country with his pregnant wife to return to India.


Before going back to India, he must appear in court next Tuesday regarding the stalking charges. In the meantime, he has posted a public apology. Enjoy.


“I don’t know how the news is creeping  into media , about  me leaving USA before I take any  decision , i want to clear all the  apprehensions arise  between me and mark


I am security analyst my profession, and i was working for a project of mine when i gave a interview at facebook there are very much impress with my project and ask me submit my work to them which i do, later one of the project manager ask me to write a letter to mark asking him to help in your work I was mislead by some of the person who i met Know there are saying that i hacked there networks and its their project .I never hacked into any of there networks . Infact My computer is hacked ! In order to explain the my situation , I  tried to contact mark.But Its leads to miscommunication between us


About the court restraining order, i have to attain the court this month feb 22 but i know things are going to  change we came to mutual understanding and we are making out of the court settlement. I was offered a very good amount for my work , which i declined Know i am feeling  very insecure and  threatened !


I Have no complaints on anybody , I  am ready to leave this country ,even though i am getting good offers from their competitors I dreamt of coming to usa , to fulfill my dreams , i never thought that my name is going to associated with a person , who i admire  the most in this way if I  my actions hurts anybody  , in any sense , i am making a  public apology to  all of  them.”


I know it too late for me to say anything about  this issue , if i keep silent , people are writing there own story ! I don’t want to make any further controversial on this issue."

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