Head of Egypt Human Rights Group Fears Brotherhood Takeover

Published: February 14th 2011
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Rev. Majed el-Shafie, President and founder of One Free World International

Shafie was eventually released through the assistance of the UN, Amnesty International and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, which managed to obtain political asylum for him in Canada, where he emigrated and became a citizen in 2006.


Shafie, who founded as One Free World International, El-Shafie Ministries in 2004, cautioned that the United States should not support Mohamed ElBaradei’s attempt to become the leader to replace Mubarak, as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would “ride to power on his coattails.”


He said, “I am concerned that under the current circumstances, Mubarak’s abrupt departure will create a political vacuum, which will be filled by Islamic extremists. The West appears to be embracing Mohamed ElBaradei, a former head of the UN nuclear inspection agency, as a replacement for Mubarak. This is of serious concern as ElBaradei, in addition to betraying heavy anti-Israel sentiment through his actions at the UN agency, is communicating with the Muslim Brotherhood, [which has up to now been] a banned Islamic extremist movement, in order to actively involve the Brotherhood in the future political landscape of Egypt.”


Shafie noted that ElBaradei has said he intends to include the Muslim Brotherhood, which he has referred to as “an integral part of Egyptian society,” in the political process, and that ElBaradei has called the Brotherhood “a conservative group that favors secular democracy and human rights.”


Many Western news outlets have adopted the claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is a conservative, nonviolent movement. But, Shafie countered: “Nothing could be further from the truth. While it officially renounces violence, the Muslim Brotherhood is the ideological parent of terrorist movements such as Hamas and al-Qaida. Members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are behind daily forced conversion attempts, violent attacks, and torture against Egyptian Christians. The Brotherhood cooperates with Hamas in Gaza and [its] leaders are determined to launch war against Israel.”


“This is a very serious matter and we cannot, under any circumstances, allow the Muslim Brotherhood to increase its influence in Egypt. To do so would be to condemn the Egyptian people, from Christians and other religious minorities to moderate and secular Muslims, to a regime of oppression and religious tyranny that will make Mubarak’s repressive regime seem like a beacon of freedom.”


Shafie said that in Egypt there are “daily persecutions” by Muslim extremists of the Christian population, which makes up about 10 percent of the Egyptian population.


For example, he said that on January 30, a week after the demonstrations began, not far from Cairo, members of two Christian families were killed in a brutal attack by Muslim extremists.


“They were randomly killed... Muslim extremists took advantage of the fact that with all the ongoing chaos there were no police around,” Shafie said. But, he notes, “this was not widely reported in the mainstream Western media.”


According to Shafie, the two families were killed by “Jamt Islamiya,” a group that “was born out of the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Shafi believes that if the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power, they “will say at the outset that they respect the treaty with Israel, but then shortly afterwards they will say they want to reform the agreement.”


Shafie is of the view that “Obama needs to work with the Egyptian army and Omar Suleiman, as democracy can’t occur tomorrow.


The regime needs to be supported until Suleiman can reform the constitution and educate the people, and allow freedom of the media, freedom of speech and work toward a free election.”

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