Egypt will Keep Peace Treaty with Israel

Published: February 12th 2011
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Signing of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. (L-R) Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter, Menahem Begin

Egypt has no plans to break the peace treaty with Israel, said the Egyptian military in a statement aired on TV today.


Haaretz reports that a spokesperson for the military stated their "commitment to all Egypt's international treaties."


Ousted President Hosni Mubarack handed over power to top generals in the military on Friday after over two weeks of protests.


One of Israel’s and America’s top worries with Mubarack leaving was that the 31 year-old peace treaty would be broken by the subsequent ruling party, many of which who are not friendly to Egypt.


However, America both supports the peace treaty and also provides over 1.3 billion dollars a year in aid for the military, so the military’s position is unsurprising.


It is unclear how long the generals will rule Egypt but they are "looking forward to a peaceful transition, for a free democratic system, to permit an elected civil authority to be in charge of the country, to build a democratic free nation," said Gen. Yahya el-Fangari, military spokesperson, reports Haaretz.


Some protesters are unhappy since they would like an immediate and dramatic overhaul of parliament and the current government, instead of the perpetuation of Mubarack’s government.

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