Israel is a Clean-Tech Superpower

Published: February 4th 2011
in Economics » Israel

Solar Energy Field

A good reason for optimism in the future is the increasing Israeli investment in clean-tech R&D. In 2007 the Chief Scientist of Israel invested nearly $11.6 million in new clean-tech start-ups and authorized 30 projects. By 2010 the investments in new clean-tech start-ups was $28.6 million and 77 projects were authorized. Those projects are the very early beginning of a much better world.




Like much of Israel's innovations, it's position as world leader in clean-tech was born out of necessity.  A country with water scarcity, plenty of sun and no energy of it's own made for a perfect hotbed of innovation, which is now ready to bear its fruits.  


Sooner or later the world will have no choice but to change its way of thinking and to shift from "dirt-tech" to clean-tech. Like in many other fields, the Israeli contribution to the world will be very significant.

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