Clashes Turn Violent in Cairo

Published: February 2nd 2011
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Protests in Cairo

Over 100 people have been injured in protests which turned violent on Wednesday afternoon. Protesters were seen throwing large rocks at each other while women and children were hiding behind tanks.


Those involved consisted of pro-Mubarak demonstrators (yes, they apparently exist) and anti-Mubarak protesters. The army was also present and was using tear gas to disperse crowds, although some reports state that the army was standing by allowing the clashes to continue.


Since the protests began on Sunday, the demonstrations in central Cairo have been mostly peaceful, which is largely due to crowds being entirely anti-Mubarak. Today was the first day that pro-Mubarak demonstrators joined the crowd which led to the quickly escalating violence.


A Live Al Jazeera broadcast showed men on camels and horseback hitting the crowd with whips.


Four Israeli journalists were arrested by Egyptian military police in Cario on Wednesday. The Israeli Foreign Ministry is in discussion to get them released.


On Tuesday night Mubarak addressed the nation in a 10-minute televised segment. Mubarak spoke firmly and stated that his intentions are to stay in power until September when he will not run for reelection. He insisted that he wasn’t planning on running for a sixth term, regardless of whether the protests never broke out.

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