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Published: February 1st 2011
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Gary Berman

Shalom Life is proud to introduce our inaugural ”Top 20 Under 40” list. This list encompasses 20 individuals of diverse occupations and backgrounds; from businessmen and businesswomen and innovative entrepreneurs, to philanthropists, entertainers, doctors and more, the inaugural list places a spotlight on the myriad of talented, creative and passionate Jews, all under 40, who call Toronto home. Each day we'll introduce a new profile. We hope you enjoy the list and look forward to expanding it to other cities in the coming year. 


Gary Berman



Gary Berman has had a strong passion for architecture and building since he was a young child. However, with Berman going on to study finance in university, and, ultimately, a job on Wall Street, it didn’t look like a career in architecture was in the cards.


But, eventually, Berman’s passion for building was not to be denied.


“A combination of good fortune and my inner passion brought me back to real estate and I haven’t looked back since," Berman, the President & CEO of Tricon Capital explains.


Tricon Capital is active across North America, primarily focusing on residential real estate development. Currently, Berman is working on investments in an urban master plan community in Calgary and a new homebuilding company in Southern California. In Toronto, his two latest projects are Five St. Joseph and DNA 3, both of which have both been big successes, with construction starting this upcoming summer.


Berman is most proud of 80/100 Yorkville, a project he says has contributed greatly to Yorkville’s built environment and Toronto’s Jewish heritage as the façade of the original Mount Sinai Hospital which used to be situated on the site, has been tastefully incorporated into the development’s retail spaceBerman also co-founded The Pug Awards- a charity aimed at elevating architectural and design standards in the City of Toronto. The Pugs include the People’s Choice Awards, which is the online awards program that allows the public to vote on completed development projects, and “Pug Ed”, an educational outreach program created to teach inner-city children about their “built environment”.


“It was really my disappointment with the quality of architecture and building in Toronto that inspired me to create the awards program with Anna Simone,” explains Berman. “Notwithstanding that Tricon is a big participant in Toronto’s development community, I felt that we could not change a culture alone and believed that by involving other like minded individuals, the public and media, we could ultimately create a culture in Toronto that celebrates good architecture.”


Berman has a great entrepreneurial spirit. He believes it’s essential to working in city development. If he wasn’t working in building, he says that he would start a business- hopefully one that provides a product or service that improves our society and way of life.


Berman loves working and living in Toronto.


“I love the beautiful and peaceful residential neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets and of course the city’s cosmopolitanism,” he says. “I believe Toronto offers one of the finest examples of urban society in the world and is only going to get better with time.” 

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