Tunisian Synagogue Burned

Published: February 1st 2011
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Interior of the Synagogue in Jerba

A Jewish Synagogue in the Tunisian city of Kabes was set on fire last night. The Jewish community spokesman said that the Torah books were completely burnt. The spokesman condemned the brutal action and stated that the purpose of the action was to increase the tensions between Jews and Muslims who have been living in peace for decades. 


Yesterday's actions were the severest against the Tunisian Jewry since the recent violent event that led to the fleeing of former Tunisian president Ben-Ali.


Israel has send messages to the Tunisian government via a third party demanding for an appropriate protection of the country's small Jewish community. 


Since Ben-Ali's regime collapsed, the country's law enforcements authorities are barely functioning. Some citizens are taking bad advantage of the situation and the innocent Jewish community is among the first to suffer.


Only 3,000 Jews live in Tunisia, nearly half of them in the island of Jerba and the rest are spread in others part of the country.


This was not the first attack against Jewish institutes in Tunisia. In 2002, an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber exploded in a famous Jerba synagogue. 14 people died in the explosion, most of them European tourists.


If the current vacuum will continue and the secular regime in the country will be replaced by an extremist Islamic regime, we will likely see the Tunisian Jews escaping the country to France or Israel.


It will be a sad end to one of the world's ancient and unique Jewish communities.

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