Is Syria's Bashar al-Assad Next?

Published: January 31st 2011
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Bashar al-Assad

Walk like an Egyptian: Following the turmoil in Egypt, a group of Syrian anti-government activists have begun planning the next revolution on Facebook. The group is looking for democratic reforms in Syria and is calling for all citizens to protest on February 4. However, what really should concern President Assad is the fake picture of his execution they have been spreading online. Are these the last days of his regime too?


It looks like the protesters who are planning the “Day of Rage” in Syria just four days from now just can not wait. Their group which is rapidly gaining momentum (over 7000 members in two days), wants action now and as a result has published the aforementioned picture which shows Bashar al-Assad hanged, with a thick noose around his neck.


In fact, it is a retouched photo of the last seconds on earth of the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, whose head had been artificially covered with Assad’s one. The photo, which appears on the Facebook group "The Syrian Revolution 2011" has an Arabic inscription saying: “coming soon”.


But, regardless of the group and the uproar in the Arab world, president Assad is trying to not show any signs of stress and project calmness. Today, he stated that he is not afraid that a similar civilian up-rise will take place in Syria. Assad told the Wall Street Journal that unlike Mubarak, who was late to preform the required reforms, Syria is stable because Assad himself is “connected to what the people believe in.”


Assad believes the protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen represent a “new era” in the Middle East. According to him, the protests started due to the leaders inability and lack of will to listen to their people and of course, due to the countries connection with the United States.


In addition, he promised that in a short time his citizens will be able to notice the major political reforms that he is planning.


Although Syria is an arch-foe of Israel, they are still worried of a possible deterioration in the Syrian government's stability. Following the turmoil in the Arabic world (Tunisia, Sudan) and the Middle East (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen), Israel must remain on high alert and keep a close eye on its neighbors.


Additional Facebook groups calling for revolutions in Sudan, Yemen and other countries have been popping up all over the net, but none of them matched the hatred projected by the Syrian group.

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