New Concentration Camp Photos Revealed

Published: January 31st 2011
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Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Thirty never-seen-before photographs from the 1945 liberation of the Nazi concentration camps Buchenwald and Ohrdruf have been released. The photos, which were shot by the American forces who liberated the camp, show horrifying piles of corpses, some of which burnt.


The photos were provided to the German daily newspaper Bild, who published them in order to mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (held on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz). The photos which were kept in private hands for over 66 years show American soldiers standing alongside the bodies.


Essentially, the stunned American soldiers took the photos in order to document the unbelievable scenes of horror, which they witnessed. Afterwards, they developed the film in the nearby town of Weimar, where a young worker at the shop decided to make copies of the photos and kept them.


The photos were kept in the employee’s possession up to now and after her death came into the hands of one of her inheritors, who luckily decided to publish them.


As aforementioned, some of the pictures were take at Ohrdruf, which was a sub-camp of Buchenwald. It was liberated on April 4, 1945 by the US Third Army and was the first camp to be revealed by US soldiers. When they entered the camp that day, they found some 70 bodies- some of which had been covered by the Nazis with lime, while others burnt.


Buchenwald was established in 1937. For eight years- until 1945, more than 250,000 people passed thorough the camp and about 65,000 found their death there. Some of the most famous detainees of the camp included Nazi-hunter Elie Wiesel and journalist Jean Amery. Ohrdurf was established in November 1944 to house prisoners which were used by the Nazis to build railroads.

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