Zuckerberg Appears on SNL with Eisenberg

Real Facebook CEO appears with cinematic Facebook CEO on Saturday Night Live

Published: January 30th 2011
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Zuckerberg and Eisenberg on SNL

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, along side Jesse Eisenberg who played him in The Social Network, and Andy Samberg, who impersonates Zuckerberg on SNL.  


The appearance, which was suppose to be a surprise, was leaked to the public on Friday.  As rumors suggested, the reason behind the appearance was to show the world that Zuckerberg has a sense of humor, and that The Social Network's portrait of him as a humorsless, angry and condescending person is purely fictional.  


By all account, the appearance worked.  Zuckerberg, who's notoriously known for being uncomfortable in front of a camera, looked more relaxed and at ease, especially when on stage with Eisenberg.  When asked how he liked The Social Network, Zuckerberg called it "interesting", with a half laugh.  


Zukerberg had three appearances on the show - The first time in a bit with SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, then with Eisenberg and Samberg and at the end of the show.


Click "Next" to see the clip of Zuckerberg on SNL:


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