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Published: January 29th 2011
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Drake wishes his mom a happy birthday, Lauren Collins is bummed out about Christopher Nolan not getting nominated for an Oscar, Joan Rivers thinks she fits right in with the Florida crowd, William Shatner is reunited with an old friend, Jesse Cruickshank’s parents like her on Facebook, Judd Apatow has a serious question for his followers, Lea Michele is excited to sing at the Superbowl and Nikki Yanofsky wants more followers on twitter.


@drakkardnoir: Happy Birthday Mom!


@Lauren_Collins: Most upsetting to me is christopher nolan not getting recognized for Inception.


@Joan_Rivers: I feel like I fit in among Floridians because I’m so old. Instead of a marquee, the theaters down here put my name on a headstone.


@WilliamShatner: I'm thrilled to be working with an old friend, Lee Majors, on $#*! My Dad Says. My best, Bill


@JESSIMTV: Its official. My parents 'Like' me on Facebook. Gonna have to start taking down the nude pics.


@JuddApatow: Ok. New question. If you could change one aspect of your life, what would it be? Seriously.


@msleamichele: So excited to sing at the Superbowl!!!! It's gonna be so much fun!!! See you soon Dallas!!!


@NikkiYanofsky: I was just telling my mom that I need 8000 followers by Feb 8th and she said "I can join and follow you!" Please don't make her do that. LOL

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