Riot in Egypt at a Peak

Published: January 29th 2011
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Omar Suleiman

Egypt riots continue


Egypt is at critical situation, the reports are of hundreds of dead and thousands of injured. The police and the military forces have lost control over the raging crowd.


The cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and parts of the Sinai Peninsula are in complete chaos.


President Hosni Mubarak's determined but calming speech did not convince the Egyptians. Despite the curfew imposed by the governments the riots and violence continue.


Omar Suleiman


As analyzed in Shalom Life recently, the head of the Egyptian Intelligence, Omar Suleiman is one of the figures that may succeed Mubarak.


Egyptian television has just announced that Suleiman has been nominated as Egypt's Vice-President. So far, Egypt has never had a Vice-President during the 30 years of Mubarak's regime.

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