Michael Jackson's Rabbi Tells All in New Book

Published: January 29th 2011
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Michael Jackson with Rabbi Boteach

You might be asking what Rabbi Shuley Boteach and Michael Jackson might have in common. You may also be wondering why Michael Jackson would have a Rabbi at all, or why he would share intimate details about his life, children, and beliefs. Rabbi Boteach is a religious leader made famous for his books, television appearances, and statements regarding relationships and “kosher sex”. Michael Jackson is quite possibly the world’s biggest pop icon of all time. But beyond these vast differences, both men prioritized their family and enjoyed conversations about this very topic.


Boteach and Jackson met many times toward the end of Jackson’s life to discuss their families and the wonderment and innocence they called “the child spirit”. These conversations were recorded, and were recently released on January 11th in Boteach’s new book, “Honoring the Child Spirit”.


Some have questioned why the Rabbi would have waited until after Jackson passed away to release the book, as opposed to publishing it when the singer was alive. According to a new report, Boteach discuss Dr. Conrad Murray in a recent interview, and reveals what he believes in important for the public to know.


As PopEater reports, Boteach said of Murray: "Here is a doctor, who essentially acted as a pusher, now denying any and all responsibility for dispensing to Michael a truckload of prescription drugs that eventually killed him. Bodyguards have already testified that as emergency workers came to try to save Michael's life, Murray was gathering bottles of pills and removing them from the scene of the tragedy." The rabbi went on to say: "I am still amazed that a year-and-a-half after Michael's death, we have still heard nothing about anyone else who facilitated his self-destruction. Professionals who were on his payroll had a responsibility to protect him from harm, both from others and from himself. Instead, they pursued the opposite, content to allow Michael to indulge his growing dependency on piles of prescription drugs."


The Rabbi also raises a questions that many fans have wondered as well- It has been almost two years since Jackson has passed away, and the world is still waiting to see what justice will be obtained for the King of Pop. Jackson died years before his time, and was never able to see his children grow up which was of great importance to him.


Boteach believed it was important for this book to be released to remind the world that, in his core, Jackson was a family man with strong values and a love for his children. There were many speculations about Jackson’s drug habits and relationships with children throughout his career, which tainted the public’s image of the man. “Honoring the Child Spirit” is an important reminder that Michael Jackson was a good man with a soft soul, who absolutely adored his family.


If you are interested in reading an interview between Rabbi Boteach and The Jewish Chronicle, please visit: http://www.thejewishchronicle.net/view/full_story/11164026/article-Book-recounts-rabbi%E2%80%99s-talks-with-fallen-pop-icon-Michael-Jackson-?instance=home_news_1st_left

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