Yorkdale announces $220 Million Expansion

Published: January 26th 2011
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Yorkdale mall announces second expansion in 6 years

Yorkdale is one of Toronto’s largest fashion malls, featuring some of the nation’s high-end fashion boutiques. Shoppers flock from various locations throughout the province to experience the relaxed environment created by open concept floor plans, high ceilings, and sunroof coupled with over 250+ high-end retailers.


The mall has announced it’s second expansion in six years. Representatives from Yorkdale released information on Tuesday saying that $220 Million will be funneled into the 145,000 square feet and 40 new stores expansion. Additionally, a more sustainable food court, a new underground parking area with 800 spaces and a green roof will be implemented.


“We believe that an expansion will be profitable both for the landlords and the retailers that come to our shopping centre,” said Yorkdale’s General Manager Anthony Casalanguida.


Yorkdale’s food court will be relocated to the third floor at the former Eaton’s site, and will have twice the capacity of it’s current location located above Holt Renfrew. The new food court will hopefully reduce waste by 85% by using reusable tableware.


In 2005, Yorkdale underwent a $110 Million expansion, which apparently led to the mall’s most successful year since it’s inception 47 years ago.


“That garnered us an extra two million in traffic as well as a 10% growth in sales,” said Mr. Casalanguida. “We believe, and we’ve done studies to indicate that we should be able to achieve those numbers quite readily through an extension.”


Although it is unknown which retailers will fill the 40 new store locations, it is believed that many U.S outfits hoping to break into the Canadian market might use this expansion opportunity to build a flagship store. J Crew, Kohl’s department store and Target have been looking for a Toronto location to call home- this may be their chance.


Construction will begin this month, and is expected to be completed by late 2012.

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