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Published: January 26th 2011
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Yad Vashem

Memorial 2.0: Yad Vashem’s archive, which contains some 130,000 photographs, has been revamped for better accessibility. Now, the memorial site’s pages are available on Google search and anyone can comment on recognized photos and tell the courageous story behind them.


Just a day ahead of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel’s Yad Vashem museum and Google have teamed up to put the world’s biggest collection of holocaust documents onto the Internet.


“130,000 photos from Yad Vashem's archive will be viewable in full resolution online," a spokesman for the museum said today, regarding the first stage of the project. 


The archive underwent a long-technical makeover and in the end was uploaded to Google’s servers, where it will be more accessible and easier to search for the entire world. "For some time, Google has been working to bring the world's historical and cultural heritage online. The Internet offers a great opportunity to preserve and share important materials stored in archives,” Google explained.


Up to now, anyone who wanted to search Yad Vashem- had to do it through the site itself, so anyone who didn’t specifically enter the commemorative website wasn’t exposed to the pictures at all.


The site also launched some great “Facebook-like” networking features which will allow users to comment on the pictures and share personal stories in case they recognize a relative or someone they knew in the galleries. In addition, with a single click, you can share interesting pieces of history in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


Yad Vashem and Google’s R&D division said that a special text recognition feature (OCR) has been added in order to identify many of the hard-to-read inscriptions found on some of the documents.


Moreover, Yad Vashem has also launched a YouTube Channel in Farsi (Persian) this week, in an innovative way to reach the audience of the world’s number one holocaust denying country- Iran. The Farsi YouTube channel contains survivor testimonies, archival footage, lectures and common question and answers about the holocaust, all in Persian.

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