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Published: January 26th 2011
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Haim Goldenberg

Shalom Life is proud to introduce our inaugural ”Top 20 Under 40” list. This list encompasses 20 individuals of diverse occupations and backgrounds; from businessmen and businesswomen and innovative entrepreneurs, to philanthropists, entertainers, doctors and more, the inaugural list places a spotlight on the myriad of talented, creative and passionate Jews, all under 40, who call Toronto home. Each day we'll introduce a new profile. We hope you enjoy the list and look forward to expanding it to other cities in the coming year. 


Haim Goldenberg



For Israeli born mentalist Haim Goldenberg, growing up with aspirations of reading people’s thoughts was as natural as other kids wanting to travel to the moon, ride a horse, or wear a cape and save people’s lives.


“For me, wanting to be a mentalist was the same as my friends wanting to be super heroes and, like those other kids, I always thought I’d be able to save the world with my special powers,” says Goldenberg, 35, who made Toronto his home in 2004.


Goldenberg became hooked on the idea of mentalism as a career when, at the tender age of six, he watched his countryman, mentalist Uri Geller, performing on television in his native Netanya.


“That was it for me,” says Goldenberg with a chuckle. “I couldn’t believe that there I was, in my living room, watching this incredible Israeli man bending spoons with his mind. I immediately ran to where my mother kept our silverware and focused on the spoons; concentrating so hard on bending them, but, of course, nothing happened.”


Fast forward two years later when an eight-year-old Haim woke up one morning, and upon opening that same silverware drawer, was amazed at what he saw.


“I couldn’t believe it! Finally, after two years, I opened the drawer, and magically, all the spoons had bent. I had discovered the secret. I was able to do it just like my hero, Uri Geller,” he recalls.


The truth is, after two years of watching her young son try, in vein, to bend her spoons, his Mother finally decided one night to bend all of them herself the old fashioned way, and give her son a taste of the success that had eluded him.


“After I thought that I had finally managed to bend spoons with my mind, I began stopping people on the streets of Netanya, and try to read their minds. It was later on, when I was around ten years old, that I realized that you can’t actually read a mind, but, by reading people’s body language and other things I’ve learned, you could ‘read them’.


Goldenberg doesn’t claim to possess supernatural or psychic powers, rather, he claims that the powers he uses are the same powers we all possess; it’s just a matter of us discovering our potential, and using it to the max.


And, use it to the max he does. In fact, it’s fair to say that Goldenberg has relatively quickly become one of the world’s foremost and most respected mentalists. His television show GoldMind continues to inspire, amaze and entertain viewers across Canada. In 2009 GoldMind was nominated for two Gemini Awards, Canada’s equivalent of The Emmys. He is currently working on a new 13 episodes season, a process that sees him working from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, for three months.


As for his adopted homeland of Toronto, Goldenberg makes little effort to hide his affection for the Great White North.


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