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Published: January 26th 2011
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Gadgets are becoming an integral part of couples' relationships

Once upon a time


20 years ago life seemed a lot simpler, especially when it came to communication.


The only SMS we knew of was a Single Malt Scotch. There were no Laptops, but I’m pretty sure there were lap dances. “Like” was an emotion shown through a kiss, not a click of a keyboard.


There were no Facebook walls, pokes or emails. People actually had to speak to each other, face-to-face, and express their love, or lust, physically. Shudder at the thought.


So, is it true love or cyber love? You be the judge.


Your High-Tech Sex Life


That’s the name of a recent survey conducted by Shape Magazine where 1200 men and women had participated. According to the survey; cell phones and laptops are the new sex toys which pave the road to sexual intercourse.


72 per cent of the women questioned spy on their significant other’s ex via Facebook. Four out of five women and three out of five men believe that text messages, Facebook and other social media services help couples jump into bed faster. However, only 38 per cent of the women admitted that they had sex faster than expected with the guys they dated. 80 per cent of the women and 58 per cent of the men think that using social media shortens the way to sexual intercourse.


It appears that laptops and cell phones are the gadgets that lead to bed.


Means of communication


The survey claims that the main way couples communicate with each other is via text messages. The number of men who prefer to send a text message for a date is 39 per cent higher than men who prefer to make a phone call.


Surprisingly, among women the situation is even worse. The number of women who prefer to send a text message is 150 per cent higher than those who make a phone call.


Before meeting each other, 70 per cent of the women and 63 per cent of the men are using Google and other search providers to check optional dating places. 65 per cent (men and women) said that they were asked on a date via text message and 49 per cent said that they were asked on a date via Facebook.


The "Click"


Once they begin dating, 72 per cent of the women reported that they were spying on their couple's ex through the ex's Facebook page. Even during passionate intercourse there are those who refuse to stay away from their gadget.


5 per cent stated that even while they're having sex, they still check their gadget to see who's calling when a text message or a phone call is coming.


My ex


Even when a relationship is over, social networks play a role. A digital "Injection" is a new way to say goodbye. 43 per cent of the women and 27 per cent of the men admitted that they got a text message saying: "It's not me, it's you".


But no worries, the virtual space keeps the fire of hope of the broken hearted. 81 per cent of the surveyed said that they will not delete their ex from the friends list. 75 per cent admitted that they consistently check their ex’s Facebook page.

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