Kenny Hotz Wants to Build a Mosque

Published: January 22nd 2011
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Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice

Kenny Hotz wants to be the first Jew to build a Mosque for a new episode of his upcoming TV show called Kenny Hotz’s Triumph Of The Will.


“One of the greatest challenges facing the planet today is man’s inability to quell religious conflict,” the Canadian TV star said in a statement. “Our polarized ideologies are drifting further apart and threaten to envelope the planet in war. I want to do something to help diffuse the mess. Unfortunately I can't solve the mid-east peace crisis on my own but as a non-Muslim, I believe that if I can be the first Jew in history to build a mosque for his Semitic cousins, I will have made a profound enough statement that will be impossible to ignore; one that teaches tolerance and understanding."


Hotz is known for the popular TV show Kenny vs. Spenny, which saw him compete in a different challenge every episode with his roommate, Spencer Rice. The two are no longer doing the series, but each one has a new show coming up.


Hotz’s upcoming show was shot in Toronto, the United States and France. The new series will find him trying to change the society we live in. Some of his tasks will include proving that pigs are too smart to be eaten and finding a companion for his mother. He claims to be doing these missions out of a personal and higher moral purpose, but fans can still expect his unpredictable antics that made Kenny vs. Spenny a hit. 


Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will will have its debut this year on Showcase.

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