Talmud to be Translated Into Italian

Published: January 21st 2011
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Thanks to collaboration between the Italian Jewish community and the Italian government, the Talmud, for the first time ever, will be translated into Italian.


Dubbed "Project Talmud", the project agreement was signed in Rome recently by cabinet ministers, the president of Italy's National Research Council, the president of the umbrella Union of Italian Jewish Communities and Rome's chief rabbi.


The project foresees the translation of the original Aramaic version of the Babylonian Talmud, with commentaries, as well as an introductory volume about the structure, contents and language of the Talmud.


According to the agreement, all Talmudic references to wine will be changed to Chianti, while any references to the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days, instead of one, will be specifically classified as olive oil, while references to Hashem in the Italian version will be changed to Joe Pesci.


When congratulated on the landmark agreement, Rome’s chief Rabbi exclaimed, “Grazi, I’m kvelling like you wouldn’t believe! Oy, who knew?”

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