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Published: January 21st 2011
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Jonathan Goldman

Shalom Life is proud to introduce our inaugural ”Top 20 Under 40” list. This list encompasses 20 individuals of diverse occupations and backgrounds; from businessmen and businesswomen and innovative entrepreneurs, to philanthropists, entertainers, doctors and more, the inaugural list places a spotlight on the myriad of talented, creative and passionate Jews, all under 40, who call Toronto home. Each day we'll introduce a new profile. We hope you enjoy the list and look forward to expanding it to other cities in the coming year. 


Jonathan Goldman



From Left: Jonathan Goldman, with his father, Gary and grandfather, Murray.


Jonathan Goldman has worked in real estate for as long as he can remember. His passion lies in promoting and implementing environmental and solar initiatives, which led to his co-founding OzzSolar Inc.


“Building ‘Green’ is something that we started doing years before LEED was the acronym on the tip of everyone’s tongue,” says the 30-year-old. “I simply strived for the next level as efficient appliances, better insulation and few bike racks were a good start but nothing compared to what could be accomplished with a little effort and some support from the public.”


OzzSolar’s mission is to make the residential and commercial change to green energy services as seamless as possible so “pretty soon people may not even realize they are bettering the world,” says Goldman.


Currently, Ozzsolar is building the largest portfolio of rooftop solar generation facilities ever developed in the history of Canada on 63 Home Depot locations across Ontario.


“On a world stage Canada is nowhere near as green as most other first world countries but Ontario has made a massive push this year with the launch of the Green Energy Act that looks like it will catapult us to being one of the best places on earth to go ‘Green’,” explains Goldman.“Toronto, as well, has embraced their newfound responsibilities and sets a great example for the rest of the country.”


When asked about his ultimate goal in terms of green real estate, Goldman doesn’t hesitate; his passion is obvious. “Every day new technologies and businesses are being launched that will improve the way we live in regards to our relationship with the earth and I will push and strive my whole life to facilitate that as much as possible,” he says.

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