Playboy Magazine Coming to iPad

Published: January 19th 2011
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Playboy Logo

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, has reveled today via Twitter that the entire back catalog and current issues will be made available on the iPad in March, 2011.  


Even more significant, is that Hefner reveled that all back issues and new issues will be uncensored, which clearly goes against the statement Steve Jobs once made that no pornographic material will be allowed on the iPad or iPhones.  


Playboy has already released an offical iPhone app which has no full frontal nudity.  And with Apple's strict policy of no allowing adult content on any iOS devices, it will be interesting to see how this proceeds.  


Playboy and Apple could be working together to find a means of protecting the content against minors, and thereby making sure that only adults will be able to view their material.  However, if that was to occur, Apple would have a very difficult time justifying the ban of other applications with adult material. 


Or maybe it's just a case of Apple doing the math and realizing that adult content is huge and lucrative.  With the other tablets coming out, they will surly allow adult content, and that could take a large bite out of Apple's market share. 

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