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IDF Presents the iDRIVE

Published: January 19th 2011
in News » Israel


This is not just another toy: the IDF has revealed a new advanced robot that will help soldiers examine cars in road checkpoints throughout the West Bank. The robot, answers to the name iDRIVE and looks like a hybrid between a toy remote car and a bomb diffusing robot. It has already been tried out and is expected to help locate firearms and infiltrators. It's miniature, it's easy to use and it will help save lives.


In October, we told you about iOREF, a new Israeli home front mobile application, which warns and protects citizens from Qassam launches via their mobiles. Now, three months later, the IDF has introduced the iDRIVE, another brilliant system Israel's army is introducing in the fight against terror.


This new robot is handled by a remote control; Its small size allows it to slide under cars, in order to take a look at what is down there. It is resilient to the cars' weight, so it can not be run-over. The miniature car comes equipped with 5 tiny cameras which broadcast the image to the inspecting soldier. Thus, the big "360 degree" picture is achieved, as claimed by IDF spokesman.


The robot can inspect any location and notify the force if there is any movement. The sabra invention has already been tried-out in a real checkpoint secured by a military police battalion. The IDF is now considering to expand the usage of the device to other West Bank checkpoints and crossings.


The battalion which had the chance to operate iDRIVE said it was a simple, quick and efficient solution to a threat or vulnerability, which was not answered until now; Only some checkpoints have pits like in a car garage, but not every car is checked from below because it is a slow procedure, which also threatens the soldier's life (he has to stand under the car).


According to the battalion, the lower parts of the vehicles are often used to hide and smuggle illegal fire arms. However, sometimes illegal aliens try to sneak-in to Israel in an absurd manner- hiding in the gap between the car's bottom and the road. The iDRIVE is expected to change the current situation- where many times if there is no real suspicion, the car is not checked. Now checking cars will be a simple and quick procedure which will hopefully lower the amount of illegals and weapons smuggled in.

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