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Bob Saget entertains (and teases) a sold out theatre

Published: January 15th 2011
in Culture » Stage

Bob Saget takes the stage at Queen Elizabeth last night

May 23, 1995; Danny Tanner's last appearance entertaining the “Full House” faithful, and left in his place, the foul mouthed, mile-a-minute, multiple personalities of Bob Saget. For the folks who assume that Bob Sagat's stand up comedy is anything like that of the characters he portrayed on either Full House or America's Funniest Home Videos, Bob makes it blatantly clear from early on, that he is not that man, and more importantly, he has kept all of the pornography that people mailed into America's Funniest.


Bob Saget took to the stage at the Queen Elizabeth theatre on Friday January 14th to a standing ovation. Sitting in the crowd amongst my fellow Generation X'ers and Gen Y'ers, it was easy to tell early in the act what to expect- rants, tirades, constant apologies made to himself and to listeners for his vulgar remarks, and best of all, an immense amount of audience interaction. Bob made friends in the audience early and often, with all sorts of people shouting out classic Saget lines. All Bob could do was laugh, and to the crowds delight, mock these individuals relentlessly. He spoke to his new friends so frequently, it appeared that much of his act must have been improvised. However, it was no less hilarious than any other memorized routine that I have seen previously from other comedians.


Bob's act is a unique one, saying things that most comedians could only dream of getting away with. I attribute this ability to the juxtaposition of the real life boorish Bob Saget, to that of his fictional Full House character, the clean, warm-hearted Danny Tanner many of us welcomed into our homes.


He repeatedly makes fun of himself, speaks at a pace that, at times, is almost incomprehensible, tells tales of his father's dirty sense of humour, sings, plays the guitar and does it all over the roaring laughter of his enduring followers. When he is not serenading the crowd with songs such as: “My Dog Licked My Balls” or “Danny Tanner Is Not Gay” (sang to the tune of The Backstreet Boys “I Want it That Way”) he is sharing side-splitting stories from his days working on Full House, Half Baked, and Americas Funniest Home Videos.   


Bob certainty did not disappoint. My only regret was not sitting in the front row, getting made fun of by the potty-mouthed comic genius that is Mr. Bob Saget.

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