Israeli Startups Nominated for International Awards

Published: January 14th 2011
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The Crunchies Awards

It has been a great week for Israeli startups: first, Israeli coupon startup Grouper was bought by Groupon for $15 million and now, two startups originating in the holy-land are nominated for the prestigious TechCrunch prize, commonly referred to as the technology-world's Oscars.


The two startup companies, Soluto and Boxee, are nominated for TechCrunch website's Crunchies prize. For those who aren't familiar with TechCrunch, it's one of the most popular technology websites, offering daily news and product reviews.


Soluto is nominated for best international startup. The company was co-founded by Tomer Dvir and Ishay Green and is behind a successful and free-of-charge software which helps you optimize your computer's performance. Essentially, it analyzes which applications are loaded on the PC's startup and how long do they take to load. The application then suggests which processes are unnecessary, so you can get rid of those pesky applications to fasten-up your computer's booting times.


From my own experience with Soluto, I can say that it works great and it definitely lives up to your expectations. The application helped me shave about 30 seconds off the loading times in one of my older PCs.


The second Israeli startup is Boxee, which is nominated for the best new device award, due to the Boxee Box, a device which was co-developed with D-Link (a Chinese networking solutions company) and connects your television set to the world. Boxee allows you to watch movies, TV Shows and clips from the Internet on your TV, as well as share recommendations with friends and more, with no monthly charge.

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