Canadian Fire Fighting Airplanes to be Sent to Israel

Published: January 11th 2011
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Canadair CL-215 in Canadian civil service

Canadian-Israeli cooperation


The Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Canadian Minister of National Defense, Mr. Peter Gordon Mackay have agreed yesterday to a $200 million contract which will see Israel purchase 6 firefighting aircraft and other equipment from Canada.  The aircraft won't be ready for two years.  Until then, Israel will least the aircraft which will be flown by Canadian pilots.


According to the agreement between the two countries, the Canadian aircraft will be examined by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


As was reported exclusively in Shalom life, a Canadian bombardier fire fighting airplane was due to be sent to Israel to participate in the multi-national effort to extinguish the deadly fire. The aircraft was never sent as the fire was contained.


The Carmel Fire


The terrible fire in the Carmel Mountain near Haifa caused to the death of 44 Israelis, the loss of 50 square kilometers of natural forest and severe damages to public and private property estimated to be no less than $80 million.


It was obvious then, that the Israeli infrastructure to fight fire in large scale was insufficient. During the fire Israel got assistance from many countries in the region, including her neighbors with whom her relationship has not been strong.


The lesson


The immediate lesson from the Carmel fire was that Israel needed a better equipped fire fighting department to be better prepared for future disasters. The budget was found and the Canadian solution seemed the best for the Israeli needs.


Before delivery of the purchased aircraft, Israeli pilots will go through a training program in which they will learn how to operate and maintain the Canadian airplanes and also learn about the tactics and methods that Canada has developed from its experience in such situations.

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