Exclusive Interview With Eco-Friendly Fashion Designer Heidi Ackerman

Published: January 10th 2011
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Heidi Ackerman Futuristic Designs

HA: My favourite thing about Toronto is the variety and diversity of our neighbourhoods. I live and spend most of my time in Little Portugal and Parkdale. I love the mixture of original neighbourhood businesses mixed with unique clothing stores, coffee shops and delicious restaurants.

AB: What are your plans for the future with your designs and business?

HA: I am working on a few different projects at the moment but my goal for my line in general is to create a balanced mix of wearable and editorial clothing that upholds ethical principals. Right now my line is sold exclusively in Canada but I would love to expand and sell in Europe, Asia and the United States. I also love doing cross-cultural exchanges (for example I went to Latvia last year to show my work) and look forward to participating in different fashion festivals around the world.

AB: Where can we purchase your clothing?

HA: At the moment my line can be purchased at Thieves (1156 Queen St. W info@theives.ca) as well as online at Ukamaku Boutique (www.ukamaku.com/heidiackerman).

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