2010 Was a Very Good Year for Making Aliyah

Published: January 10th 2011
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According to the The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), over 19,000 new olim (immigrants) arrived in Israel in 2010, an increase of 16 percent rise over the previous year.


Some 16,465 immigrants arrived in Israel in 2009 and 15,452 in 2008.


The number of people making aliyah from North America increased by more than six percent over last year’s numbers, growing from 3,767 to 3,980.


Latin American aliyah rose 19 percent — from 1,200 in 2009 to 1,470 this year, including a 280 percent increase in aliyah from Venezuela — from 38 olim in 2009 to 150 in 2010.


Other notable aliyah figures include 260 olim from Australia and New Zealand, and increase of 48 percent from 175 in 2009, and a 63 percent increase in new olim from Belgium — from 152 in 2009 to 250 in 2010.


The oldest new olah, making Jerusalem home this year, is 99 years old


“I am very pleased to see the statistics pointing to a rise in aliyah from almost everywhere in the world, particularly in light of the campaign of delegitimizing Israel happening around the world," said Natan Sharansky, chairman of the Jewish Agency. "Many of the new immigrants are young people from free countries who feel that they belong to the State of Israel and chose to build their lives and the lives of their children here."

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