German and American Intelligence Knew Where Nazi Eichmann Was Hiding

Published: January 10th 2011
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The passport used by Adolf Eichmann is shown in Buenos Aires, Argentina,Tuesday.
Pic: WikiMedia Commons
Eichmann in Jerusalem court, 1961.
Pic: WikiMedia Commons

The German newspaper Bild reported on Saturday, that it gained access to files showing that the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) intelligence agency knew of Adolf Eichmann’s whereabouts at least eight years before his capture.


According to documents released last week, "SS Colonel Eichmann is not to be found in Egypt but is residing in Argentina under the fake name Clemens. E's address is known to the editor of the German newspaper Der Weg in Argentina," it stated on an index card dated 1952 and reproduced in Bild.


“This index card is in fact a sensation. Until now it was not known that the West German secret service knew about Eichmann’s hiding place eight years before his arrest,” historian Bettina Stangeth, who has been working on a new book about Eichmann for the last six years, told Bild.


There is also evidence that the BND informed American intelligence of Eichmann’s whereabouts. CIA documents released in 2006, show that BND told US agents of Eichmann’s flight to Argentina in 1958.


Having fled Germany with the aide of Nazi sympathizers, Eichmann was hiding in Argentina, using the alias Ricardo Klement. He had even managed to smuggle his wife and children out of Austria to join him in South America.


Eichmann was the right-hand man to Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler. As the head of department IVB4 of the SS in Berlin, he was responsible for the trains that carried millions to their deaths. Considered the logistical mastermind behind the Holocaust, Eichmann was captured by a Mossad commando squad and flown to Israel in 1960. He was sentenced to death a year later, and was hanged in 1962.

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