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Published: January 8th 2011
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Jewish tweets

Comedian Chelsea Handler thinks her dog has a Jewish nose, Drake is in the studio, Paula Abdul’s new show is going live, Judd Apatow comes to a funny realization, Joan Rivers pokes fun at herself, Seth Green likes Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine is in love with music, Entourage’s Jeremy Piven is about to start a new job and Jason Alexander is going to see Hair.


@chelseahandler: That is a jewish nose.


@Drakkardnoir (Drake): Me and 40 in the studio first day of 2011 and its sounding riiiiiiiight...leaving for europe in the morrows.


@PaulaAbdul: 4 more days till Live to Dance goes LIIIIVE on CBS! Wednesday night, Jan 12th @ 8e/p!!! Dance w/ me!! :)) xoxoxoP


@JuddApatow: I am now old enough to be the father of a 26 year old woman who dates Hugh Heffner.


@Joan_Rivers: I'm still cherishing my holiday gifts. My favorite gift was from Melissa-a free doctor's visit! To Dr Kevorkian. So sweet....


@SethGreen: I really love this movie RT @edgarwright 'Scott Pilgrim' made it to next stage for Visual Effects Oscar nom. Kudos @dneg & all the crew


@adamlevine: Thank you music. 31 years and I still love you.


@jeremypiven: on my way to start a new job, will dash to Sundance to premiere "I melt with you" on the 26th, info to follow!


@jasonalexander: Finally irony - I'm going to opening of HAIR tomorrow night.

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