Toronto band Krupke announces final show

Published: January 7th 2011
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Krupke Live Performance
Krupke's album "The Pony You Always Wanted Died Today"

Krupke burst into the Toronto music scene just over two years ago. The band initially had many things working against them. They have a very unique sound that has been described as strange, idiosyncratic, and unclassifiable. Their instruments consist of glockenspiel, clarinet, violin, piano, guitar, and drums. And to make matters worse, they were rookies in a city with a vast talent pool consisting of over 5000 local bands.


Krupke assumed they would play their first show to blank stares, or perhaps even a few giggles. Instead, they were an instant success- receiving rave reviews from critics and listeners alike. Krupke is indescribable. Their music is complex, poignant, and thought provoking... yet they create an environment that encourages dancing, shouting, and occasional crowd surfing.


The band is also well known for their fun DIY street promotions and art projects; paper mache merch installations, crayon drawn show posters, and a press kit created by one band member's 8-year-old sister.


Krupke recently came back from a successful east coast tour to promote their album” The Pony You Always Wanted Died Today". They have played NXNE and CMW, as well as many packed shows at various venues throughout the GTA (including The El Mocambo, Rancho Relaxo, and Silver Dollar).


Sadly, Krupke has just announced their final show. I was in touch with Mike Rosenthal, Krupke's glockenspiel/keyboard player and vocalist, to find out why the band has decided to call it quits. He honored me with an interview discussing the band and their plans for the future.




AB: Tell me about Krupke's inception.


MR: Krupke started in 2008.  Joe was working at a shipping yard carrying boxes of meat onto trucks.  He would often come by after work around 3am since I was the only person awake that late.  I said I'd only join a band if I could play glockenspiel.  I didn't expect him to agree.  We started inviting Fiona and Sep since they also kept weird hours. 


AB: I understand that you had a tight deadline to record your album. Was it stressful?


MR: We released "The Pony You Always Wanted Died Today" on June 5th 2010.  It was pretty stressful getting it done in time.  Since we were booked to play a few shows during North By North East and wanted the album done by then, we only had a few weeks to record and mix it.


AB:How did your recent tour go?


MR:The tour was a blast.  Except for Fiona who's from Halifax, none of us had ever gone to the east coast before.  It was in September, but we decided to camp a few times.  It was cold but there's a lot of wood in New Brunswick so we had campfires any time we weren't playing.  Our Montréal show was canceled without warning.  We ended up running into some people looking for a show that invited us to play in their apartment above an old church.  They said it used to be where the nuns lived back in the day.


AB: What are your most memorable shows?


MR: Our release party was exciting.  We got to play with some of the best bands in Ontario -The Ruby Spirit, Fox Jaws (Barrie) and A Horse and His Boy (London).   Another fun show was our Slap Bracelet release party.  In November 2009 we attempted to record our album the first time and didn't finish it, so we released slap bracelets instead.


AB:You have quite a supportive fan base. Were you initially surprised considering how unique your sound is?


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