They Won't Steal Our Gas

Published: January 6th 2011
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The Israeli Natural Gas


When looking at the map of Israel and its nautical border with Lebanon in the Mediterranean, there is no doubt that the "Tamar" and "Leviathan" natural gas reservoirs are deep in economic Israeli waters.


Despite that fact, Lebanon and Hezbollah are claiming that the two recent discoveries, 90 and 135 km west from the Israeli port city of Haifa, are in Lebanese water – how absurd.


Lebanon calls for UN intervention


Lebanon has asked the UN to draw the nautical border between it and Israel which will prove that the natural gas reservoirs are indeed in Lebanese water. Uncharacteristically, the UN did not back Lebanon and instead stated that it's not its duty to draw any nautical borders.


Unlike Lebanon, Cyprus has signed an agreement with Israel that define the nautical borders between the countries. Cyprus accepted the fact that "Tamar" and "Leviathan" are Israeli.


The significance to the Israeli economy


After decades of dependence on foreign energy resources, Israel finally found its own energy resources that will supply its needs for decades. After Israel will finish developing the natural gas reservoirs, it will have the option of exporting natural gas to its close neighbors which will contribute more than $5 billion annually to the Israeli economy. With such an important factor to the Israeli economy for years to come, no Israeli leader will allow anyone to undermine its sovereignty in the Mediterranean.


Iran – Hezbollah - Lebanon


It's clear to all that behind the Lebanese appeal to the UN, stands the terrorist organization Hezbollah who are heavily supported by Iran. Both Hezbollah and Iran don't recognize Israel's right to exist and they will do all they can to harm Israel anywhere and by any mean. Obviously the Lebanese appeal to the UN is nothing more than a ridiculous manipulation by Teheran.


What should Israel do?


Despite the absurdity of the Lebanese claim, Israel should work within the diplomatic channels and get worldwide legitimacy and recognition on its nautical and economic waters.  In the past, Israel has had a tendency to turn a blind eye to the absurd, expecting that the rest of the world will see it as such, and in many cases they didn't.  Working through diplomatic channels, Israel needs the world to stand by its side on this.       


Once developed, Israel must assure that the gas and oil fields are protected against any hostile terrorist activity, as attempts will be made. Israel has a powerful Navy which can impose its sovereignty anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli Navy should be well prepared to protect the economic interests of the country and also deter the Lebanese (Iranian) intentions.

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