Israel Well Represented at Consumer Electronic Show 2011

Published: January 4th 2011
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The annual International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is about to begin and this year’s show will have a strong Israeli presence.


The annual show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, features hundreds of exhibitors from around the world and runs from January 6th to 9th, 2011. With more than four decades of success, the CES has become the soapbox for some of the biggest announcements in the electronic industry.


One would expect that Israel, with her well documented history of successful technology companies, would have a strong showing at this year’s CES; and she does. There are 16 exhibitors whose head office is based in Israel and there are many more which have sub-offices in Israel such as Intel and Microsoft.


Out of the 16 companies there is a mix of early round and well established. Some of the Israeli companies exhibiting are:


PrimeSense: As mentioned in the past on Shalom Life , PrimeSense is the company responsible for the technology behind the Kinect controller for the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming system. PrimeSense has already announced, pre-CES, that they will partner with Asus to release a new motion based controller for media centre PCs.


Jungo: Founded in 1998, Jungo is a leading provider of Connectivity and Media software for local and broadband connectivity solutions. Jungo’s software is deployed in over 500 million connectivity products in hundreds of designs. Jungo is an NDS Group (NASDAQ: NNDS) company. 


Morel: An award-winning manufacture of a wide range of speakers and audio drivers for car and home. Morel has been in operation for over 35 years and their products are sold in over 55 countries worldwide. 


Omek Interactive: Much like PrimeSense, Omek is a provider of gesture recognition software for natural user interfaces. Through Omek, any hardware platform can provide touchless screens, allowing users to interact without any controller, pointer, stylus or need to physically touch the screen.


The remaining Israeli exhibitors are: Accel Telecom, Celeno Communications (Israel) Ltd., Cyber1 Ltd, Grippity, Idesia Ltd., Jinni, MiniFrame Ltd., Siano Mobile Silicon, Snapkeys, Spetrotec Ltd., Wisair

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