Warning: Nintendo 3DS Dangerous For Little Kids

Published: January 3rd 2011
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Nintendo 3DS

Ever since we heard of the Nintendo 3DS, a three dimensional and glasses-free, handheld version of our beloved good old Nintendo games, we have been under the impression that it is just too good to be true. Turns out, it is: Nintendo has just released a (very serious) warning label regarding the usage of the new device, which targets a younger audience.


How serious is this warning, you ask? Well, it states that not only should adults should stop using it in case they start to feel ill, but that all children under the age of six should not be using the device's 3D functionality at all. The reason being that the 3D functionality may affect the development of their eyes. They might not go blind, but they might not develop properly either.


As a result, Nintendo has decided to play it safe and issue a parental control on the 3DS that will allow parents to lock the device in 2D mode for their toddlers.


Be that as it may, this should not come as a shock to anyone, as eye doctors have long discussed the possible effects 3D technology has on the eyesight. The main concern is that the way this technology seems to trick your eyes (actually your brain) into seeing 3D, might impair the way you actually see depth.


Moreover, it seems Nintendo is not alone on this front, as Sony's PlayStation 3 also does 3D gaming and now they have issued a similar warning stating that kids under six should not play their games either, unless they have been given the green light by an optometrist. 

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