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Published: January 2nd 2011
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Drake hasn’t slept, Sarah Silverman shares an new word, Lauren Collins gets recognized, Jason Alexander likes the Coen brothers’ new movie, Howie Mandel does some traveling, Nikki Yanofsky is a proud Habs fan, Paula Abdul is excited for the premiere of her new show and Judd Apatow has something to add to his tweets.


@drakkardnoir: Today feels like its gonna be great. But then again I haven't slept so maybe its still yesterday...mindblast.


@SarahKSilverman: New word: Judithy: (JOO-dith-ee) A strong handsome woman who smells vaguely of knish.


@Lauren_Collins: Guy @ liquor store in the best creepy tone "r u the 1 they call paige?" Thx for making me feel more important than I am! End '10 on a high!


@IJasonAlexander: Cast of True Grit- wows all around. Oy, the ending. But a terrific and gorgeous film.


@howiemmandel: Heading to Orlando now. What a day. Breakfast in costa Rico lunch in fort lauderdale dinner St Louis goodnight in Orlando


@NikkiYanofsky: More Habs jerseys than panthers jerseys today at the panthers vs Habs hockey game right now... IN Florida... Too good! Go Habs Go!!!


@PaulaAbdul: can't believe Live to Dance premieres THIS TUESDAY! Jan 4 on CBS. i am SO EXCITED! wish there were words to describe how much! :)) xoxoxoP


@JuddApatow: I would like to add 'from the guy who brought you knocked up' to all my tweets.

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