Napoli Soccer Team Credits the Hamsa for Their Success

Published: December 30th 2010
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Napoli head coach Walter Mazzarri

For the Italians, soccer is religion. But mix in some Jewish religious pendants, and the results are more wins.


Napoli, a team used to placing in the bottom of the Italian soccer league, is currently in second place and many believe that the hamsa, a palm-shaped symbol thought to bring good luck by Jews and Muslims, is the reason why.


Napoli's coach, Walter Mazzarri, is well known for his superstitious beliefs, as are the club's fans. Before and during each game, Mazzarri repeats his superstitious gestures which are followed and imitated by thousands of fans.


Recently though, soccer agent and talent scout Maoz Israel, gave Mazzarri a hamsa for good luck. "Since I gave Walter his amulet" explains Israel, " Napoli hasn't missed a beat. I think it really works." Before each game Israel send a text message to Walter to remind his where to place the hamsa in his jacket.


Since this ritual has started, Napoli has been winning consistently, many times in the final seconds, with 5 victories already this season coming during injury time.

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