Canada and Israel Rank Highest in Internet Usage

Published: December 30th 2010
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According to a study released by the private online data compiling firm, comScore Inc., Canadians spend more time online than any other nation. Canadian users logged an average of more than 2,500 minutes online a month, totaling almost 42 hours. Israel was second with an average of around 2,300 minutes.


The study also concluded that Canada has the largest number of Internet users per capita, with 68 percent.


According to the data compiled by comScore, seventy-one percent of Internet users visit Youtube each month. "In Canada, YouTube per capita consumption of video is No. 1 in the world. It's just absolutely crazy in terms of how passionate Canadians are about YouTube," said Chris O'Neill, Canada's country director for Google. Likewise, approximately 83 percent of the online population has accounts on the social networking site, Facebook.


The precise reason why Canada and Israel have the highest online usage is inconclusive, but there are theories. "When it comes to communication, when it comes to Facebook, when it comes to a lot of these web 2.0 tools, community-based, Canadians are really highly sophisticated." Stated comScore's Canadian VP Bryan Segal. "We are content-heavy and media-heavy, and I think that is one of the great things about our country," he said.


Other popular sites amongst Canadian users include Wikipedia, Twitter, and according to the comScore study.

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