iPad's Helping to Save Lives in Israel

Published: December 28th 2010
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Doctor using iPad

The Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre, located in the largely ultra-orthodox Tel Aviv suburb Bnei Brak has begun using Apple’s iPad to aid medical staff in treating patients, provide consultations, and study X-rays and CT scans.


The hospital is the first to program the high resolution, touch screen iPad to interact with Microsoft Corp’s Chameleon software that is currently used by hospitals. The medical centre’s computer department programmed the iPad internally, with the help of an external technology company.


Dr. Yorum Liwer, chief executive of Mayanei Hayeshua told Reuter’s that “We now have the same program and the same database for treatment in the hospital on the iPad, The patients' data are in the computer ... so physicians who are out of hospital but on call can see X-rays and ultrasounds through their iPad and give more intelligent advice to staff in the hospital."


"The high resolution of the screens enables good viewing of the X-rays and also the iPad is fun to work with," Liwer said. "People like to carry it with them wherever they go. They don't take a laptop but the iPad is with them all the time so we get better and more intelligent consulting."


Liwer provided an example of how the iPad helped the hospital staff with a diagnosis. A patient arrived in the emergency room with a broken hip. In the end, he needed a full hip replacement. The doctor on duty consulted with a senior orthopedic surgeon that wasn’t on duty at the moment. The surgeon provided advice on the appropriate treatment after studying the X-Rays and CT scans on the iPad. The senior surgeon followed up immediately after the surgery to see the outcome.


Doctors and nurses can access the hospital’s database while on the go, both in and out of the hospital. Having access to patient information digitally will likely guarantee much more efficient treatment.

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