A Pictorial Retrospective of the Canadian Jewish Congress

Published: December 28th 2010
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As a celebration of the Canadian Jewish Congress's 90th anniversary, Shalom Life is bringing you a pictorial history of the CJC.  Today we will look at the history starting in 1919 through 1960:



Delegates to the first Canadian Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly, March 1919.



1921 - Established at CJC’s founding Plenary Assembly, Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS) began helping Jewish immigrants come to Canada.



CJC monitored and fought discrimination across Canada in the 1930s and 1940s.



Samuel Bronfman assumed the presidency of Canadian Jewish Congress in 1939, a post he was to hold until 1961.



CJC recruited for the military from this Montreal office on St. Lawrence Boulevard during WWII.



1942 - CJC arranged for the appointment of 10 Jewish military chaplains for the approximately 16,000 Canadian Jews who served in WWII



CJC organized post-war relief shipments to European Jewry from across Canada. Here, Winnipeg efforts, circa 1946.



The first group of post-WWII Jewish war orphans arrived in Canada in September 1947, under the Refugee Youth Project sponsored by Canadian Jewish Congress. They continued to arrive until March 1952, totalling over one thousand.



The first broadcast to the newly declared State of Israel, 1948. David Rome, CJC Press Officer, bottom right.



Monroe Abbey of CJC spoke at a protest meeting against Russian antisemitism, held at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Montreal, 1953.

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