Hamas Committed to Truce With Israel

Published: December 24th 2010
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Current Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

On Friday, Hamas renewed its commitment to a cease-fire with Israel in an effort to head off further escalation- this was brought on by the heightened tensions witnessed along the Gaza-Israel border.


Mahmoud Zahar, a senior leader of the Islamic militant group that controls Gaza says, “We declare our commitment to the lull as long as the occupation does.” He makes this statement referring to Israel, which withdrew its forces from Gaza 5 years back.


In 2008-2009, Israel carried out a three week military offensive against Hamas in Gaza after years of unrelenting rocket fire from the Palestinian territory against southern Israel. At the end, each side declared a cease-fire, after approx. 1,300 Palestinians and 13 Israeli’s were left dead.


Recently, smaller militant groups in Gaza have increased rocket and mortar fire against Israel. At least 26 rockets and mortar shells have landed in Israeli territory in the past 6 days according to the Israeli military.


A United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Robert H. Serry, criticized the indiscriminate rocket and mortar fire from Gaza this week, stating that it was in clear violation of international humanitarian law.


Mr. Zahar warned that Israel must refrain from pinpoint killings of leaders of armed groups and ease the blockade if it wants Hamas to continue to show restraint. This was spoken at a demonstration in Southern Gaza.

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