Daniel Libeskind Has Menorah Instillation at Jewish Museum in NYC

Published: December 24th 2010
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Daniel Libeskind

Superstar architect Daniel Libeskind is internationally renowned for such high-profile projects as the new World Trade Centre design, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and the extension on the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Last month, Libeskind unveiled yet another project, an instillation of menorahs from the Jewish Museum in New York City called “A Hanukkah Project: Daniel Libeskind’s Line of Fire”. The exhibition features forty menorahs from the museum’s collection.


Libeskind, the Warsaw-born son of Holocaust survivors, confided to the New York Times that he loved Hanukkah and all that holiday represents. “It’s a piece of Jewish thinking to celebrate victory over oppression, to assert values of freedom and liberty and, of course, light, because the holiday is in the winter when it is very dark. Victory of light over darkness — isn’t that very much what the modern world is?”


Obviously, there were a plethora of menorahs to choose from, however, Libeskind was specific with his selection criteria. “The idea was to display the most fantastic hanukkiahs - different in size and intent and character - to show the richness of the imagination of creativity. And of ancient ritual, which is so compelling because it’s re-enacted every year in the midst of the winter darkness. It’s so inspiring, I think, to see the articles themselves. I wish we could light them, but, of course, it’s a museum.” he explained. In addition to using both contemporary and antique menorahs, Libeskind used texts of Emily Dickinson and Edmond Jabès, painted directly on the wall.


The exhibition runs until January 30, 2011, at the Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Avenue, New York City.


For additional information, visit http://www.thejewishmuseum.org.

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