Rocket Fired From Gaza Explodes Near Kindergarten in Israel

Published: December 22nd 2010
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Remains of Qassam Rocket

A Palestinian made Qassam rocket fired from Gaza exploded near an Israeli kindergarten at Kibbutz Zikim, just north of the Gaza Strip, Reuters reported. Blessedly, no one was injured in the attack. We were lucky. It exploded at quarter to eight this morning, the exact time when parents are bringing their children in ... 28 children." said Ilan Goldsmith, community manager at the Kibbutz. He stated the rocket exploded on a path about (30 feet) 10 meters from the kindergarten and two adjacent nursery buildings.


"The situation in the south is tense and fragile, and it could deteriorate if a rocket attack causes a large number of casualties," Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi, the Israeli military's chief of staff, told a parliamentary committee.


In retaliation, the Israeli air force struck targets in Gaza wounding five Hamas gunmen.


Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Army of Islam, a group which has a similar “global jihad” ideology as al Qaeda. While Hamas opposed permanent coexistence in the Jewish state, its members have attempted to curb attacks from Gaza in recent years. Smaller fringe groups have been responsible for rocket attacks.


This surge in cross-border violence is on the heels of the second anniversary of Israel’s offensive on Gaza. The three week war commenced on December 27, 2008, after an unofficial truce collapsed because of continual Hamas rocket fire and Israeli counter-attacks.

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