Auschwitz Video Game Cancelled, ADL Overjoyed

Published: December 21st 2010
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Sonderkommando Revolt
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No one took this mod as exact historic representation. That’s not the way people relate to Wolf3D mods at all, and the Wolf3D engine is too limited anyway to make an exact representation of anything. Even if it could, it wouldn’t be interesting and challenging to play. It did make them open the books and read and learn about the REAL Holocaust, something some of them didn’t even know about before.


The ADL can find something else to be worried about, rather than some simplistic pixelated Wolf3D mod with no anti-Jewish agenda, element or intention in it.


We couldn’t have said that last bit better ourselves. One last thing. Doomjedi asked me to share the following message:


Please mention the fact that public spotlight has caused me much emotional suffering, and I’d like to request people/press/media not to request any additional interviews or clarifications from me and to allow me to recover from the spotlight and get back to my normal life out of the public radar. I want to keep this behind me, and so I ask others to do the same. I have nothing I want to add to this matter.


So there you have it. Heeb got the last interview on this matter, ever. Here’s hoping that that’s not true, because I for one would love to take Sonderkommando Revolt for a spin.


This article originally appeared on Heeb Magazine and is reprinted with permission.

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