Youtube blocks Palestine Media Watch citing Hate Speech

Published: December 20th 2010
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Youtube censorship

Youtube has taken another step in supporting its own business interests, rather than free speech.


The website has shut down Palestine Media Watch (PMW), citing reasons of hate speech. PMW, responsible for making available to western viewers such videos as the genocidal bunny rabbit and Farfour the murderous mouse, translates and posts videos from the TV Channels of both the official Palestinian Authority (rulled by Fattah) and Hamas TV. They do not create unique content.


This action by Youtube is a reminder that it is not a public sharing service, but a private website with owners who would rather censor than deal with financially crippling opposition. PMW has set up an alternative channel without the "offensive" videos, but Blogger IsraelyCool and Brian of London are calling the situation an "emergency" and prompt internet users to send a one line e-mail to, requesting they reinstate the account.


Kathy Shaidle, of NewsReal Blog, points out this is another example of the need to diversify video sharing and search engines on the internet.


"Those who trumpet the advent of YouTube, Google, etc., as tools that have “permanently changed the media landscape” and will make it easier for right thinking people to get their messages past the legacy media blockade, take note: These sites are all just tools, privately owned by individuals with fears, weaknesses and a perfectly commendable desire to make money," Shaidle writes. "We must develop our own independent YouTubes and Googles to ensure that developments like these will have minimal impact in the future."


Earlier this year, Youtube pulled Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post's pro-Israel parody song “We Con The World,” and threatened the account of Atlas Shrugs’ Pamela Geller, while Islamist videos calling on people to "drink the blood of Jews" are allowed to stay active.

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