Facebook Adds Auto Face Recognition

Published: December 19th 2010
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Facebook Facial Recognition

Photo tagging made easy: soon enough you will not need to go over all the photos you upload in order to tag your friends, as Facebook, which is everywhere lately, will do it for you. The site announced on Wednesday on its developers' blog on plans to launch a new service in the social network: automatic photo tagging using biometric face-recognition technology.


Everyone agrees, tagging photos in Facebook is a great way to share photos and memories, and get attention to different stuff that happened, but it can also be quiet annoying. Such as when you have to tag your family or friends in this party you held a couple days ago and you have to go over some 200 photos and tag more than 20 different individuals, not so fun and some might say a total waste of time.


With that in mind, and the fact that tagging is one of the most popular and viral features on the site, Facebook came up with the idea of implementing a face recognition service. The blog announcement read that everyday the site grows by over 100 million photo tags. Therefore, in order to save the precious time it takes users to tag their friends in all the photo albums, Facebook is adding an option of tag suggestion based on our face characteristics.


The data used to identify you is collected from your very own photo albums and your previous tags. This ability adds to a recently introduced feature of group tagging- which shortened tagging time by tagging a friend in a series of photos instead of going over the pics one-by-one.


Nevertheless, Facebook is aware of the privacy issue involved with auto tagging, therefore it offers the possibility to turn off the service, so the system would not auto suggest to tag you to your friends. Your friends of course, would still be able to tag you manually like it's done today. The option to turn it off is available in the privacy settings section. But, it does not guarantee that Facebook won't keep your biometric data in its servers for future use, which should be a major concern to all of us. So, use it wisely.


According to Facebook, the service will go online in the next couple of weeks, but it is not clear yet when it will be ready worldwide. Until now, the Israeli company Face.com allowed biometric recognition via its Facebook app and it also offered the service to other websites. So, there are speculations whether this Israeli start up is behind Facebook's new feature, but Facebook has yet to announce any collaboration with Face.com.

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