New Facebook Features Leaked

Leaks caused Thursday's one hour-long downtime

Published: December 18th 2010
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New Facebook Profile Page

Zuckerberg has got some new features in store for us: If you tried checking your profile or seeing what your friends did on Facebook on Thursday night you simply could not, as the site was down once again due to new features and updates under development that were accidentally leaked to users. "Some internal prototypes were exposed to people and resulted in us disabling the site briefly," read Facebook's official statement on Twitter.


It took Facebook roughly 45 minutes after the mistaken update to disable the site and to revert back to its previous state. But, that brief span of time was enough for Facebook members to get a sneak peak at new features that are currently in the works. The new features, which if you look carefully enough around the web you can find sufficient evidence of their short but meaningful existence, include loads of updates, such as the new "fan pages" which have lost the tabs across the top, replaced by a simple interface allowing “fans” to comment, ask questions and more.


Facebook Questions was also introduced amongst the features. They appeared on the Fan Pages, and allowed users to ask a question and get answers, or create a poll, all from a single click on the new Questions button. Another feature is the Login Switch, designed to let you quickly change logins for each page, with the press of a button -extremely useful if you are managing your own Facebook groups.


Many small features were revealed as well including reading news from outside sources and mentioning friends in your statuses without having to type "@". Facebook will just search for your friends as you type.


Finally there is Memories, a super cool feature that allows a user to time travel, year by year, and see the things they have done, just like taking a stroll down in memory lane. A user can just go back, look at all the different conversations they have had, pictures uploaded and more. Using Facebook's current design, it's difficult to go and see previous entries, especially when the desired period is months or even years back, and particularly for those with many posts on their wall. 


Now users can only wait for these awesome features to come off the assembly line and go live online for more than just one hour.

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